Friday, 4 October 2013

I'm back!

I'm on something of a blogging kick, I think. After leaving things to languish I've decided to reboot and start over. In the mumblety mumble months since I last wrote here, I started another targeted blog about Thamesmead which also took an unplanned hiatus for a year.

I think blogging has been seeing something of a resurgence with the greater uptake of social media so I'm hoping I can find an audience. By that I don't mean adoring fans, I'm more into peer interaction and comment. This space is for geeking, A Take on Thamesmead is more about local issues and musings, and general run of the mill personal updates... well, I'm not sure I write such things any more. I used to keep something of an online diary but it's just another habit I lost. I'm using a couple of applications on my iPhone for life-logging on a basic scale: Saga and Momento. I'll write more about them later.

I'm currently on a countdown to 1) My 40th birthday (I'm not sure how that happened, I can't possibly be that old, but getting to 40 is preferable to the alternative), and 2) Nanowrimo. Can this be the year I finally make writing more than something I'd like to do if I had time and force some time for it? 

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