Monday, 27 June 2011

Living in the Future!

Jonathan Coulton sang:

Well it's gonna be the future soon
And I won't always be this way
When the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away

I actually feel like I'm living in the future already. Over the weekend I finally purchased an LCD television. I've noticed that Freecycle has an endless stash of old style CRT televisions to offer, and people carefully make it clear that it's not a "flat screen", forgetting that TV screens got flat a long, long time before they got thin. Along with my new TV I bought a PS3, which, among many other things, allows streaming throughout my house of media downloaded to any of the computers. I'm a few years behind the new-tech curve, but in waiting I ended up paying significantly less for my geek tech items, and I move in circles where geek tech is the norm.

I was pointed at a very interesting article earlier today, which really highlights just how "futuresome" all this stuff is:

This is what I love about science fiction. I like to see the human side of things. I'm amused when I see updates on Facebook that say "I can't access the internet right now!", failing to recognise that the phone is doing just that, in place of the computer usually used for the task and yet far beyond the imagination of most people in the 90s. I like post apocalypse stories that show a society bereft of the magic, and I love second guessing the magic that's coming. And yet, all the same, I do notice the magic that surrounds me for what it is. I don't care if you open up the box of smoke and show me how it functions, it's still magic and I'm surrounded by it. And mashing buttons over the weekend while staring at an enormous 40 inches of magic was a perfectly good way to spend my time, despite the sun coming out for the first time in weeks.

I don't even want the oft mentioned jet pack, then internet is way cooler.

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